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International Beauty Office was created in 2011 in Paris to help you everyday for applying European Cosmetic Regulation.

Indeed, the European Cosmetic Regulation (EC) N° 1223/2009 enforces the new regulatory constraints to be followed by Business Operators.

International Beauty office is intended to simplify the legal constraints for the placing on the market of your cosmetic and fragrance products.

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As the Marketer of Cosmetic and Perfumery Products, you must ensure the full compliance of your activity with the European Cosmetic Regulation in force.

Inernational Beauty Office purposes to give support to the European Manufacturers or Importers while applying for Legal Obligations.

That means that you can authorize our company to be the legal entity for the marketing of your products, to be in charge of the European Notification to the European Commission by the electronic internet portal or to manage for you the Product Information Files electronically on line.



Our services offers are destined for all the french, european and international companies, placing on the European market a cosmetic products. Thusly, it’s addressed to manufacturers, distributors, importers or subcontractors concerned by the application of the European Cosmetic Regulation.