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International Beauty Office proposes you to manage your Product Information File with electronic form via the software package DIP-Online.

By outsourcing your regulatory obligations, International Beauty Office allows you to focus your energy on others strategic and operational activities.

International Beauty Office proposes three offers that can be purchased separately:

• 负责人  : for assuming the legal responsibility of the marketing of your products on the european
• 欧洲通告书 : to realize the electronic notification of your products for the European Commission
• 产品讯息档案 : to build and to manage your files electronically using the web software DIP-Online



  有关你的限制   我们的处理方法

Obligation to nominate a physical person or a legal entity, appointed on a legal ground when placing on the market your cosmetic and perfumery products.

International Beauty Office assumes in your place facing the Authorities of Control that your products are in conformity with the European Cosmetic Regulations in force.
与我们联络   欧洲化妆品法规 

  有关你的限制   我们的处理方法

Obligation to declare by electronic way all your products and their evolutions to the European Commission using the european portal CPNP.

International Beauty Office achieves for you the European Notification required for all your Cosmetic & Perfumery Products.

  有关你的限制   我们的解决方案

To provide the Authorities of Control with the Product Information File for each Cosmetic & Perfumery Product placed on the European market.

DIP-Online allows you to assure the composition, the management, the traceability and the recording of your Product Information Files.
与我们联络   DIP-Online